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What are people saying about us?

I have done talk therapy many times for many years, but I quit long ago because it didn’t help much. Shannon is so different. Immediately, in our first session, she offered practical tools and helped me reframe my issues such that I felt better after the first session and every session afterwards. We have used EMDR several times during our sessions and I consider it to be miraculous. In a few minutes, Shannon walks me through a series of questions that helps me get to the root of the issue I am grappling with, and then we use the online EMDR tool to work through it. Each time, I end in a much better place than I started and I am amazed by how quickly it works. Counseling is costly so I ask myself at the end of each session, “Was that worth the cost?” Every time I have answered with a resounding, “Yes!” I am eternally grateful to her.

Is it worth it? Yes!

I feel seen! I have never felt like any of my past therapists "got it." For the first time, I feel like my therapist gets me.

I feel seen!